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Generic templates

A set of introductory templates for using in r3. They illustrate the technique of splitting pages up into very small fragments for easier localisation.

Naming scheme

  • Anything which is internal to the workings of r3 is prefixed with r3_.

  • Output type is indicated by the extension. So, for example:

    • HTML pages are produced by templates with the .html extension.
    • Atom feeds are produced by templates with the .atom extension.
    • Any template which is internal to the workings of r3, or otherwise should not produce output, has the extension .ros.
  • Generic target templates (the base template that all others are included by) are named r3_target_OUTPUT.ros, where OUTPUT is the output type. So, for example:

    • The default HTML template is named r3_target_html.ros.
    • The default Atom template is named r3_target_atom.ros.
  • A lightweight namespacing scheme is used in the scaffolding templates (those that build the main sections of a rendered document). This is done by prefixing the filename with the main section it is in, for example head_meta_keywords.html indicates that this is within the head element, and is a sub-template of the head_meta.html template.

    This technique is abandoned very quickly within the body area of HTML however, as this would result in incredibly lengthy filenames. For the most part, prefixes are kept to one level, so for example:

    • body.html includes body_footer.html
    • body_footer.html includes footer_legal.html
    • footer_legal.html includes legal_copyright.html

    Once the progression to actual site content is made, any attempt at consistent naming scheme is then abandoned and left as an exercise to the site authors.

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