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@@ -65,18 +65,33 @@ Media requires [HandBrakeCLI][handbrake] 0.9.5,
and a _lot_ of other perl modules to be installed.
AtomicParsley and aspell are most commonly installed using a ports system,
-such as [homebrew] on the Mac.
+such as [homebrew][homebrew] on the Mac.
If you are not comfortable installing perl modules from CPAN, I would
unequivocally recommend you do it using [cpanminus][cpanm], which makes
it trivial to install CPAN modules. First, install cpanminus:
curl -L | sudo perl - --self-upgrade
-then use it to install Media and all of its dependencies:
+then use it to attempt to install Media and all of its dependencies:
sudo cpanm
+The first time, Media will fail to install as some tests do not pass.
+Other things that can go wrong include `WebService::MusicBrainz` failing to
+install. This can be worked around with:
+ sudo cpanm -n WebService::MusicBrainz
+(`-n` skips tests; ordinarily this is inadvisable, but in this case the
+MusicBrainz module fails its tests quite often because of timeouts on
+the MusicBrainz site)
### Patching `IMDB::Film`
@@ -115,10 +130,18 @@ matters to you, replace the existing `certifications` method in the
Slightly altered from code found at
+### Continuing the `Media` installation
+Once you have patched `IMDB::Film`, the Media tests will pass and it should
+install fine.
+ sudo cpanm
+If they still fail, please can you send me the log file from `cpanm` at
+``. You can install anyway, even if the tests fail with:
+ sudo cpanm -n
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