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Name: NanoProlog
Version: 0.4
Synopsis: Very small interpreter for a Prolog-like language
Description: This package was developed to demonstrate the ideas behind
the Prolog language. It contains a very small interpreter
(@Language.Prolog.Nanoprolog@) which can be run on its
own. It reads a file with definitions, and then prompts
for a goal. All possibe solutions are printed, preceded by
a tree showing which rules were applied in which order.
The file contains a description of part of the Dutch royal family, whereas the file shows unification at work in a very small type inferencer.
License: BSD3
license-file: LICENSE
Author: Doaitse Swierstra, Jurriën Stutterheim
Maintainer: Jurriën Stutterheim <>
Stability: Experimental
Category: Language
Build-type: Simple
Cabal-version: >= 1.6
Extra-Source-Files: README,,
Source-repository head
Type: git
Executable nano-prolog
Hs-source-dirs: src
Main-is: Main.hs
base >= 4 && < 5,
uu-parsinglib >= 2.7.1 && < 2.9
GHC-Options: -Wall -fwarn-tabs -funbox-strict-fields
Build-Depends: base >= 4.0 && < 5.0,
uu-parsinglib >= 2.7.1 && < 2.9,
ListLike >= 3.1 && < 5,
containers >= 0.4 && < 0.6
Hs-Source-Dirs: src
Exposed-modules: Language.Prolog.NanoProlog.NanoProlog,
Extensions: Rank2Types, FlexibleContexts, TypeSynonymInstances,
GHC-Options: -Wall -fwarn-tabs -funbox-strict-fields