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Require Import Arith List Program Decidable Sumbool Logic.
Require Import StackSet.
Extraction Language Haskell.
Extract Constant StackSet.FMap "a" "b" => "M.Map a b".
Extract Constant StackSet.empty => "M.empty".
Extract Constant StackSet.insert => "M.insert".
Extract Constant StackSet.remove => "M.delete".
Extract Constant StackSet.r => "Rational".
Extract Inductive unit => "()" [ "()" ].
Extract Inductive bool => "Bool" [ "True" "False" ].
Extract Inductive sumbool => "Bool" [ "True" "False" ].
Extract Constant orb => "(||)".
Extract Constant andb => "(&&)".
Extract Constant negb => "not".
Extraction Inline orb negb andb bool_of_sumbool StackSet.beqi StackSet.beqa.
Extract Inductive list => "List" [ "[]" "(:)" ].
Extract Inlined Constant tl => "tail".
(* These don't work yet?*)
(* Extract Constant rev => "reverse". *)
(* Extraction Inline rev. *)
(* filter flat_map splitAt zipWith3 *)
Extract Inlined Constant Datatypes.length => "length".
Extract Inlined Constant Coq.Lists.List.filter => "filter".
Extract Inlined Constant app => "(++)".
Extract Inlined Constant => "map".
Extract Inlined Constant last => "last".
Extraction Inline last.
Extract Inductive option => "Maybe" [ "Just" "Nothing" ].
Extract Constant option_rect => "flip maybe".
Extraction Inline option_rect option_rec.
(* What about maybe option_bind *)
Extract Inductive prod => "(,)" [ "(,)" ].
Extract Constant fst => "fst".
Extract Constant snd => "snd".
Extraction Inline fst snd.
Extraction Inline id proj1_sig sumbool_rec sumbool_rect.
Extraction Inline eq_rect eq_rec eq_rec_r.
Extract Constant eq_nat_dec => "(==)".
Extraction Inline eq_nat_dec.
Extract Inductive Datatypes.nat => "Int" ["0" "succ"]
"(\fO fS n -> if n==0 then fO () else fS (n-1))".
Extract Inductive StackSet.stackSet => "StackSet" ["StackSet"].
Extract Inductive StackSet.workspace => "Workspace" ["Workspace"].
Extract Inductive StackSet.rationalRect => "RationalRect" ["RationalRect"].
Extract Inductive StackSet.screen => "Screen" ["Screen"].
Extract Inductive StackSet.stack => "Stack" ["Stack"].
Extract Constant StackSet.beqsid => "(==)".
Extract Constant StackSet.eqsid => "(==)".
Extraction Inline StackSet.beqsid StackSet.eqsid.
Extraction "StackSet.hs"
StackSet._view StackSet._greedyView
StackSet.screens StackSet.workspaces
StackSet.screens StackSet.workspaces StackSet.allWindows StackSet.currentTag
StackSet.peek StackSet.index StackSet.integrate StackSet.integrate' StackSet.differentiate
StackSet.focusUp StackSet.focusDown StackSet.focusUp' StackSet.focusDown' StackSet.focusMaster
StackSet._tagMember StackSet._renameTag StackSet._ensureTags StackSet._member
StackSet.mapWorkspace StackSet.mapLayout
StackSet._insertUp StackSet._delete StackSet._delete' StackSet.filterStack
StackSet.swapUp StackSet.swapDown StackSet.swapMaster StackSet.shiftMaster
StackSet.modify StackSet.modify' StackSet.float StackSet.sink
StackSet._shift StackSet._shiftWin.
(* Problems with Haskell extraction:
- need type classes
- better support for interfacing with libraries like Data.Map
- limited control over generated data types (like strictness annotations)
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