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* Table of Contents
+## 4.0.0 (NOT_RELEASED_YET)
+This is a complete rewrite of FriendlyId, and introduces a smaller, faster and
+less ambitious codebase. The primary change is the relegation of external slugs
+to an optional addon, and the adoption of what were formerly "cached slugs"
+as the primary way of handling slugging.
+This is a compatiblity branch and will be maintained for apps that can't
+upgrade to 4.0. No new features are planned, only bugfixes. If you're creating
+a new app, please use 4.x.
* Support for Active Record 2.3 dropped
* Convert blank slugs to nil automatically ([Gabe da Silveira ](
* Compatibility with Active Record 3.1 ([Andrew White](
@@ -22,6 +22,11 @@ versioning, scoped slugs, reserved words, and custom slug generators.
FriendlyId is compatible with Active Record **3.0** and **3.1**.
+## Version 4.x
+FriendlyId 4.x introduces many changes incompatible with 3.x. If you're upgrading,
+please read the docs to see what's new.
## Rails Quickstart
gem install friendly_id

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