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Added note on Slugged

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@@ -92,6 +92,16 @@ significant help early in its life by Emilio Tagua. I'm deeply gratful for the
generous contributions over the years from [many
+Part of the inspiration to rework FriendlyId came from Darcy Laycock's library
+[Slugged](, which he was inspired to create
+because of frustrations he experienced while using FriendlyId 3.x. Seeing a
+smart programmer become frustrated with my code was enough of a kick in the
+butt to make me want to improve this library significantly.
+Many thanks to him for providing valid, real criticism while still being a cool
+about it. I definitely recommend you check out his library if for some reason
+FriendlyId doesn't do it for you.
Lastly, FriendlyId uses [Travis]( for continuous
integration. It's an excellent, free service created by a whole bunch of [good
people]( - if you're not already using it, you

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this rocks, Norman...


very cool. I was using slugged until this remake.

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