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gasova commented Feb 23, 2012

can you please add the ability to define our own history slug table name instead of specifying a non standard table name :
in the old version the history table name was called slugs so I used it on the routes.rb to find the required controller to fire up because I want links without controller names... I used following code in my routes:

match '/:id', :to => proc { |env|
    id = env["action_dispatch.request.path_parameters"][:id]
    id = Slug.where(:name => id)
    model = Slug.find(id).sluggable_type
    controller = [model.pluralize.camelize,"Controller"].join.constantize
  }, :as => :slugable

but after update and because of the table name you fixed in your class I cannot route...

class Slug < ActiveRecord::Base
    self.table_name = "friendly_id_slugs"
    belongs_to :sluggable, :polymorphic => true

It would be nice If you let us set this table name in the general config process...


norman commented Feb 23, 2012

Sure, that sounds reasonable.

gasova commented Feb 23, 2012

Great :)

Thanks a lot.

parndt commented Mar 3, 2013

Was this attempted by anyone?

parndt commented Apr 16, 2013

@norman do you plan to still support this? How would we implement it?

norman commented Apr 16, 2013

This issue didn't matter enough to me personally to take action on it, though I'm not in principle opposed to it. In the interest of taking some concrete action though, let's close this. I'll be happy to accept a pull request that fixes this if somebody feels motivated enough to send one.

@norman norman closed this Apr 16, 2013
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