Slugging breaks through a has_many #284

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I have the following setup

class User
  has_many :items

class Item
  belongs_to :user

  extend FriendlyId
  friendly_id :name, :use => :slugged

Everything works find working with an Item directly, but when its created through user.items things go wrong => "Some Name", :user_id => 1).save!
# works => "Some Name").save!
# doesnt set the slug, and breaks on NOT NULL constraint

Further interrogation reveals # works
# NoMethodError: undefined method `set_slug' for #<Item:0x007fefd94cd0d0>

Update: I tried adding a test to the project [] and it works.

I guess this is some subtle thing to do with rails development mode.


xymbol commented Dec 8, 2012

@matthewrudy Can you confirm this issue is still valid? I couldn't find your test code.

i think this was an obscure one off issue.
so let's just close it.

matthewrudy closed this Dec 9, 2012

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