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Don't work with rails 3.2.9.rc1 #332

tomkrus opened this Issue · 16 comments

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Params ID don't find... etc.


Got the same here too. Looks like the overloading of find to use the friendly_id slug isn't working.


having the same error with friendly_id 4.0.8 and rails 3.2.9.rc1.


Event Load (0.1ms)  SELECT "events".* FROM "events" WHERE "events"."label" = 'hamburg' AND "events"."slug" = 'weihnachtstreffen-2001' ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 1


Event Load (0.1ms)  SELECT "events".* FROM "events" WHERE "events"."label" = 'hamburg' AND "events"."id" = ? ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 1  [["id", "weihnachtstreffen-2001"]]

can you test that using rails 3-2-stable branch?. Let me know the results please.


For rails 3.2.8 - 3.2.8.rc2 it's fine.


@tomkrus we need you to use in your Gemfile

gem 'rails', github: 'rails/rails', branch: '3-2-stable'


@phoet can you bisect Rails to find the offending commit?


@phoet ok I will wait, let me know ASAP please this is holding 3.2.9.rc2


this is the commit: rails/rails@8dbf337


This seems unrelated. That commit is changing relation cache and your failure is related with SQL building.


@phoet try on top of last 3-2-stable doing git revert 8dbf337 and let us know


I've tried in that's the commit that break his code. /cc @norman


Thanks everybody for the discussion and info. I'm looking at this now and will try to get a solution in place ASAP.


Ok, I've resolved the issue and pushed a new version (4.0.9) to Rubygems. Thanks again for the helpful bug reporting!

@norman norman closed this

i can confirm that this works:

gem "rails",                "3.2.9.rc1"
gem "friendly_id",          "4.0.9"
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