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An irb-workalike for Lua, and a command-line debugger with readline support.
Lua C
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Lua Devtools

This package provides a few tools to make your life as a Lua developer better. It’s aimed primarily for use in projects where Lua it the primary language rather than embedded.

It contains:

I am not the author of these tools, I only added readline support to the debugger and packaged them.

Since the original authors did not release their work under any license, this package is released under the WTFPL.


To install, clone this repository and do “luarocks make devtools-*.rockspec”. I may eventually put the rockspec on Luaforge but I’m just banging this out in 10 minutes right now and it’s not exactly polished yet.


Just run ilua from the command line.


Inclue devtools.debugger in your Lua program and execute it on the command line. The pause function will give control to the debugger, where you can then step through code, watch variables, etc.

require 'luarocks.require'
require 'devtools.debugger'
pause("this will pause and give control to the debugger")
print "hello world!"

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