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Lua api for the mongrel2 zeromq handler interface

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A mongrel2 backend handler for Lua, implemented in Lua, and based on the mongrel2 python backend api.

Versions are tagged and match the mongrel2 version they should work with. ie v1.3[.x] should work with mongrel2 version 1.3. HEAD is kept in rough sync with the latest changes in the mongrel2 trunk.



m2-lua ships with a very basic Makefile that should install the required files somewhere useful. > sudo make install > sudo make uninstall


One may be more interested in using one of the web frameworks that are listed here as this library is a low level interface.

Otherwise I won't try to describe how mongrel2 or the handlers work, for that there's the manual, however this should describe the basic api. Generated API documentation is on the TODO list.

If in doubt, it's probably exactly the same as the python API.

There is a very basic demo in examples/test.lua and the code itself should be easy enough to follow.

Watch this space for links to proper documentation. I am working on it!

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