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@@ -22,3 +22,6 @@
[submodule "bundle/loremipsum"]
path = bundle/loremipsum
url =
+[submodule "bundle/vim-colors-solarized"]
+ path = bundle/vim-colors-solarized
+ url =
@@ -1,55 +0,0 @@
-" Toggle Background
-" Modified: 2011 Apr 29
-" Maintainer: Ethan Schoonover
-" License: OSI approved MIT license
-if exists("g:loaded_togglebg")
- finish
-let g:loaded_togglebg = 1
-" noremap is a bit misleading here if you are unused to vim mapping.
-" in fact, there is remapping, but only of script locally defined remaps, in
-" this case <SID>TogBG. The <script> argument modifies the noremap scope in
-" this regard (and the noremenu below).
-nnoremap <unique> <script> <Plug>ToggleBackground <SID>TogBG
-inoremap <unique> <script> <Plug>ToggleBackground <ESC><SID>TogBG<ESC>a
-vnoremap <unique> <script> <Plug>ToggleBackground <ESC><SID>TogBG<ESC>gv
-nnoremenu <script> Window.Toggle\ Background <SID>TogBG
-inoremenu <script> Window.Toggle\ Background <ESC><SID>TogBG<ESC>a
-vnoremenu <script> Window.Toggle\ Background <ESC><SID>TogBG<ESC>gv
-tmenu Window.Toggle\ Background Toggle light and dark background modes
-nnoremenu <script> ToolBar.togglebg <SID>TogBG
-inoremenu <script> ToolBar.togglebg <ESC><SID>TogBG<ESC>a
-vnoremenu <script> ToolBar.togglebg <ESC><SID>TogBG<ESC>gv
-tmenu ToolBar.togglebg Toggle light and dark background modes
-noremap <SID>TogBG :call <SID>TogBG()<CR>
-function! s:TogBG()
- let &background = ( &background == "dark"? "light" : "dark" )
- if exists("g:colors_name")
- exe "colorscheme " . g:colors_name
- endif
-if !exists(":ToggleBG")
- command ToggleBG :call s:TogBG()
-function! ToggleBackground()
- echo "Please update your ToggleBackground mapping. ':help togglebg' for information."
-function! togglebg#map(mapActivation)
- try
- exe "silent! nmap <unique> ".a:mapActivation." <Plug>ToggleBackground"
- exe "silent! imap <unique> ".a:mapActivation." <Plug>ToggleBackground"
- exe "silent! vmap <unique> ".a:mapActivation." <Plug>ToggleBackground"
- finally
- return 0
- endtry
-if !exists("no_plugin_maps") && !hasmapto('<Plug>ToggleBackground')
- call togglebg#map("<F5>")
Submodule vim-colors-solarized added at 528a59
@@ -1,105 +0,0 @@
-" description: color scheme based on google's
-" author:
-" license: gpl 3+
-" version: 0.2 (2008.11.27)
-" changelog:
-" 0.2: 2008.11.27
-" changed MatchParen to link to Type (thanks to Jarosław Mężyk)
-" added Diff*
-" 0.1: 2008.11.20
-" initial version
-set background=dark
-hi clear
-if exists("syntax_on")
- syntax reset
-let colors_name = "google"
-" black 000000
-" blue dark 6694e3
-" blue dark2 2a5db0
-" blue light e0ecff
-" green dark 006633
-" green light 46aa64
-" grey aaaaaa
-" red d96666
-" white ffffff
-" yellow ffffb5
-" pmenu
-hi Comment guifg=#aaaaaa guibg=#ffffff gui=none
-hi Constant guifg=#6694e3 guibg=#ffffff gui=none
-hi Cursor guifg=#ffffff guibg=#000000 gui=none
-hi CursorLine guibg=#efefef gui=none
-hi DiffAdd guifg=#ffffff guibg=#006633 gui=none
-hi DiffChange guifg=#000000 guibg=#ffffb5 gui=none
-hi DiffDelete guifg=#000000 guibg=#d96666 gui=none
-hi DiffText guifg=#d96666 guibg=#ffffb5 gui=none
-hi Folded guibg=#efefef guifg=#000000 gui=italic
-hi Identifier guifg=#7799bb guibg=#ffffff gui=none
-hi ModeMsg guifg=#ffffff guibg=#6694e3 gui=bold
-hi NonText guifg=#f0f0f0 guibg=#ffffff gui=none
-hi Normal guifg=#000000 guibg=#ffffff gui=none
-hi PreProc guifg=#46aa64 guibg=#ffffff gui=none
-hi Search guifg=#000000 guibg=#ffffb5
-hi Special guifg=#2a5db0 guibg=#ffffff gui=none
-hi Statement guifg=#2a5db0 guibg=#ffffff gui=bold,underline
-hi StatusLine guifg=#ffffff guibg=#6694e3 gui=bold
-hi StatusLineNC guifg=#aaaaaa guibg=#e0ecff gui=none
-hi Todo guifg=#ffffff guibg=#d96666 gui=bold
-hi Type guifg=#006633 guibg=#ffffff gui=bold
-hi Underlined guifg=#000000 guibg=#ffffff gui=underline
-hi VertSplit guifg=#e0ecff guibg=#e0ecff gui= none
-hi Visual guifg=#ffffff guibg=#6694e3 gui=none
-hi! link Macro PreProc
-hi! link Boolean Constant
-hi! link Character Constant
-hi! link Conditional Statement
-hi! link CursorColumn CursorLine
-hi! link Debug PreProc
-hi! link Define PreProc
-hi! link Delimiter Identifier
-hi! link Directory Statement
-hi! link Error Todo
-hi! link ErrorMsg Error
-hi! link Exception Statement
-hi! link Float Constant
-hi! link FoldColumn Folded
-hi! link Function Identifier
-hi! link Function Identifier
-hi! link Ignore Comment
-hi! link Include PreProc
-hi! link IncSearch Search
-hi! link Keyword Identifier
-hi! link Keyword Identifier
-hi! link Label Statement
-hi! link LineNr Comment
-hi! link MatchParen Statement
-hi! link MoreMsg Identifier
-hi! link NonText Comment
-hi! link Number Constant
-hi! link Operator Identifier
-hi! link Question MoreMsg
-hi! link PreCondit PreProc
-hi! link Repeat Statement
-hi! link SignColumn Identifier
-hi! link SpecialChar Special
-hi! link SpecialComment Special
-hi! link SpecialKey Special
-hi! link SpellBad Error
-hi! link SpellCap Error
-hi! link SpellLocal Error
-hi! link SpellRare Error
-hi! link StorageClass Type
-hi! link String Constant
-hi! link Structure Type
-hi! link Title Structure
-hi! link Typedef Type
-hi! link WarningMsg Error
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