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                Introduction to xmpppy.

    This is my work to replace the jabberpy with the current and maintained
    Now the project nears feature freese of 0.2 branch. Almost all goals are
achieved already. Though the main goal was to write a documentation - at least
a line for every feature of library. Yesterday I have checked in last docstrings
for all yet undocumented modules and now I can say that this issue is resolved
(at least for 0.2 release level).
    Documentation exists in three formats. 
    - The first is the examples that I wrote to show xmpppy in action. This is
      two simple scripts - and
    - The second is the html pages where I try to describe the idea of library
      and the ways the goals are achieved.
    - Third is the docstrings. I am currently using epydoc but other tools
      should work too (at least the pydoc works)

If you are using Debian (sarge or above) you can simply run
apt-get install python-xmpp
and you will get the current stable release of xmpppy installed. After installation
you can do 'import xmpp'. Though currently debian contains 0.1 release of xmpppy so 
if you want to use 0.2 branch you should install it manually (python2.3 required).
Here you have several options:
  - run 'python install' from xmpppy distribution as root.
    All should work nice.
  - if you don't like python installator - just copy xmpp directory into python's
    site-packages directory (this is what does).
  - If you have no intention to install library system-wide (or just have no 
    privileges to do it) you can copy xmpp directory just in your application's
    directory. Example:
                ...xmpppy modules

If you have any questions about xmpppy usage or you have find a bug or want
to share some ideas - you are welcome in xmpppy-devel maillist - see
for details of subscription.

2004.12.26                  Alexey Nezhdanov