iotatipbot is a reddit bot that allows users to send iota cryptocurrency to each other through reddit comments
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iotaTipBot is a bot that allows reddit users to send iota to each other through reddit comments.

The bot commands are as follows:

  • 'Deposit' - Initiates the process of depositing iota into your tipping a ccount\n\n*

  • 'Withdraw' - Withdraw iota from your tipping account. You must put the address you want to withdraw to and the amount of iota in the message.

  • 'Balance' - Check the amount of iota you have stored in the bot.

  • 'Donate' - Get a list of options to help support the project.

These commands are activated by sending the command to the bot either in the subject or the body of a private reddit message.

Tips are recognized as reddit comments in the format: + iota

For example '+25 iota' will tip 25 iota to the author of the comment you replied to. To tip higher values, you can swap the 'iota' part of the comment with 'miota' to tip megaIota values: '+25 miota' will then tip 25 megaIota.

If you are new to iota and are looking for more information here are a few useful links:

Follow the iotaTipBot in action on reddit: