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Ciao continuously provides the best set of free proxies available given user input like country or anonymity level.

Finding a working free proxy is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Despite several websites offer lists of free proxies, most of the proxies provided are either unreachable or can only transmit at few kbps. In some cases, they also perform malicious activities like malware injection, traffic interception, etc. Even when a working proxy is found, it might only last for a few minutes forcing the user to frequently re-iterate the quest for a "good" free proxy.

Ciao is an android application that automates the discovery of free proxies. Given user input like desired country or anonymity level, Ciao continuously provides the best set of free proxies available. Ciao also dynamically splits user traffic among multiple proxies, so to rapidly find the best performing proxies and react to failures.

Ciao identifies trusted and working free proxies using its own community. Ciao is instrumented to collect anonymous data about proxy performance and behavior (e.g., amount of data downloaded, download duration). This data is reported to our servers as an input for the proxy selection algorithm. To bootstrap this process, our servers discover free proxies by crawling proxy aggregator websites. Each proxy is then tested daily to verify reachability, performance, and behavior.


  • No root required
  • No ads
  • IPv4 supported
  • Android 4.0 and later supported

Note that data collection is disabled when Ciao is not enabled. We also do not collect browsing history, visited urls or domains, any personal identifiable information (PII) or long term constant identifiers like cookies, IP addresses, etc. For more information please visit our webpage.

Ciao requires no root access. Ciao leverages part of the open-source NetGuard. Ciao is also available as a Chrome plugin.

Working Setup

The last version of the code can be correctly compiled on Android Studio 3.3.1

Older version of the code have the following requirements: Android Studio 2.3.x and NDK r15 [on mac, -] -- This is needed because r16 moved some header files around into a unified structure and thus broke any user expecting headers in the old locations. To downgrade the NDK, in Android Studio go to File -> Project Structure -> SDK Location -> Android NDK location and point to the folder where you have unzipped the above file after download.


GNU General Public License version 3




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