A simple, static ident server in Haskell, developed alongside cnidentd
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A tiny static ident server in Haskell

sidentd is derived from the same code as cnidentd, but only supports a simple static response strategy.  It is tiny, multithreaded, and should be quite secure.

sidentd must be run as root.  Immediately after binding the port, and before daemonizing or listening for any connections, sidentd drops privileges to the daemon user and group.  If your system does not have daemon as uid=1,gid=1, make the appropriate changes to the program.

Build with
 > ghc --make Sidentd.hs -o sidentd

Run with
 > sudo ./sident USER
where USER is the username you want returned for queries.

sidentd doesn't yet support rc.d/ style start and stop options, so just kill it the old fashioned way.