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PHP Prim is a PHP library that exposes primitive types as immutable objects with convenience methods to operate on them.
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PHP Primitive Objects

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DEPRECATED: This package was growing too big and has now been deprecated in favor of the following smaller, segmented and more contained packages:

PHP Prim is a PHP library that exposes primitive types as immutable objects with convenience methods to operate on them.



Install Prim using Composer:

composer require norse-blue/prim


There are three ways to create a primitive object instance:

  1. Using the new keyword:

    use NorseBlue\Prim\Scalars\StringObject as Str;
    $str = new Str('my string');
    echo $str->upper();
    // Outputs:
    // MY STRING
  2. Using the facades:

    Note: params passed by reference are not supported in facades because the calls depend on __callStatic, which does not pass params by reference. See Overloading.

    use NorseBlue\Prim\Facades\Scalar\StringFacade as Str;
    echo Str::upper('my string');
    // Outputs:
    // MY STRING
  3. Using the namespaced functions:

    use NorseBlue\Prim\string;
    $str = string('my string');
    echo $str->upper();
    // Outputs:
    // MY STRING

You can also chain methods together:

use NorseBlue\Prim\string;

$str = string('THIS IS MY TEXT.')->lower()->ucfirst();
echo $str;

// Outputs:
// This is my text.

You don't need to worry about side-effects for scalar objects, as they are implemented as immutable objects and each method returns a new object. To store the value don't forget to assign it to a variable or it will be lost.


For the full documentation refer to the docs folder.


Please refer to the file for more information about what has changed recently.


Contributions to this project are accepted and encouraged. Please read the file for details on contributions.



If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.

Support the development

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PHP Prim is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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