TextEditor inspired by the iOS Messages app's chat input.
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BDMessagesKeyboardController - Autosized textField input view inspired by iOS' Messages.

Inspired by how Messages and the native Facebook apps allows user to input short text, this class is a stand-alone one that allows your app to display such text input over any desired view. As more lines typed in, the control resizes accordingly. There's also an option to add an accessory view above the text input that will also auto-resize.


  • Display multi-line text input over any view
  • Text input is automatically resized and scrollable to support more lines
  • Cancel a download or all downloads
  • An accessory view can be added above the text input
  • Block based customization and event handling


  • Requires ARC

- QuartzCore

Adding BDMessagesKeyboardController to your code

  • Copy the classes folder into your project
  • import the class

How to use

  • Be sure to checkout the latest tag, as opposed to the latest commit. Only tagged points are stable.
  • Without CocoaPods, just include h/.m files in Classes folder to your source code
  • Look at the iPhone demo. Read the comments. Send me questions, if any.


This class is licensed under BSD. More info in LICENSE file.