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Bill of Materials

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The Lasersaur BOM is optimized for North America and Europe but can also be sourced outside these areas. The primary suppliers (Nortd Labs, Misumi, Mouser) ship to most countries in the world.

The BOM is organized by supplier and each item is associated with a subsystem. You can figure out exactly where any item is used by refering to the respective subsytem section of the build guide.

Current BOM
Lasersaur BOM v17.03

Notes on the Suppliers

Nortd Labs

Some of the Lasersaur parts are sold in our store. These are typically assemblies or custom parts. You are encouraged to fabricatate these yourself. If you feel so inclined check out our CAD files. Alternative suppliers for consumables (mirrors, lenses, etc) are listed on the Operation page.


Mouser ships internationally. Just make sure to choose the correct country and currency on their website. TIP: They support ordering by copypasting the spreadsheet.


Misumi ships internationally. They have separate websites for most countries. If you order from outside US/EU simply use the matching Misumi web site. TIP: They support ordering by copypasting the spreadsheet. NOTE: In some countries Misumi requires a company account.


ColeTech is an affordable and reliable supplier of laser tubes and accessories from China. Apart from requesting a quote by email they also have an ebay store . Most of the time they also offer laser + power supply packages. Make sure you specify the correct AC voltage (220V or 110V) when ordering. CHILLER OPTION: If you plan on operating the Lasersaur above room temperature 74F (23C) we recommend getting a more performant water chiller. ColeTech will happily quote you for the "CW-5000 chiller". NOTE: Laser tubes are very fragile and do arrive broken occasionally. Before signing the package check for noises of broken parts, reject, and let Coletech know if this is the case.

Alternative Supplier SPT: We have some people on the group being very happy with this brand. Additionally they have tubes with build-in laser pointers (SPT-Tr100) for easy calibration and a 200W drop-in replacement (SPT-V20).

Alternative Supplier in Germany: Laser Tubes, Laser PSUs, Chillers

Alternative Supplier in USA: Laser Tubes, Laser PSUs, Chillers

Previous BOMs

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