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CAD Model Files

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Lasersaur CAD Models

The Lasersaur CAD model is published here in 3DM (Rhino version 4), FCStd (FreeCAD v0.14+) and STEP (open standard). We use Rhino 5 for all modelling but FreeCAD works fine as a viewer during the assembly process. Since the UI of FreeCAD is still in its early development check out this Survival Guide to get through some initial roughness.

If you need the model in other formats, FreeCAD can import/export IGES, STEP, VRML, and STL. Especially IGES and STEP is reported to work well due to the proven OpenCascade kernel. It takes about 15min to download FreeCAD and export to any of these formats.

Model v14.03 (Rhino) Model v14.03 (FreeCAD) Model v14.03 (STEP)

Looking for older files: Model v14.03-rc (Rhino) Model v14.03-rc1 (FreeCAD) Model v14.03-rc1 (STEP) Model v14.01b (Rhino), Model v14.01b (FreeCAD), Model v14.01b (STEP), Lasersaur v13.04 CAD models, Lasersaur v12.08f CAD (FreeCAD)


The following job files can be used to manufacture the MechParts. The same geometry is contained in the CAD model files but for convenience we also provide them in a nested, ready-to-cut format. Material is 6mm aluminum (6mm acrylic has been reported to work too). Units are millimeters (mm).

MechParts v14.03 (dxf)

Looking for older files: MechParts v14.01b job files, MechParts v13.04 job files

Mount Panels

The Lasersaur has five acrylic panels: one entry panel and four panels for seperating the laser from the main compartment. Additionally there are four small pieces to cove the cable feed-through holes.

Material is 3mm acrylic. NOTE: Double-check for inadvertent scaling in your SVG program.

Mount Panels v17.03b

Looking for older files: Mount Panels v14.03


The current version of Lasersaur uses the Driveboard Element for control. It is based on this github project and can be purchases preassembled.

Driveboard (classic, deprecated)

The DriveBoard is designed in Fritzing, a cross-platform, opensource PCB design app. You are welcome to make chances to the board, add features, and generate your own job files. In the download you will also find prepared job files (gerbers) which you can send to most PCB manufacturing shops for production.

DriveBoard PCB v14.03

Looking for older files: LasaurShield v12.02c


The nozzle of the nozzle assembly is a custom aluminum part. The entire assembly can be purchased in the Lasersaur Store. For scratch builders we provide the following CAD file. The part is made from aluminum on a lathe and has a tapped M5 hole on the side. The nozzle tip is then friction-fit with the Thorlabs lens tube. We use a strong vise for the mating process.

Nozzle v14.03

40W Laser Tube Mounts (optional)

These mounts work with laser tubes of 50mm diameter. Most Chinese 40W tubes can be mounted with these. Cut from 6mm acrylic or aluminium.


Third-Party Manuals

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