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The frictionless knowledge manager.
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The frictionless knowledge manager.

Noggin is what you know taken into a machine-friendly version of it.

A little inspiration

We foresee a future in which users wield computing power to manage and optimize their understanding of the world. Through Noggin, a user can manage their knowledge from a short Math's syllabus to every individual skill.

Which prerequisites should I learn to reach this skill? What is the best way to get there? Your computer and the community should be able to answer those questions.

Make it frictionless

Everything you know is a lot. You should not expect to input every skill in Noggin, even though you could do it manually. APIs and open-sourcing can make it happen; imagine Khan Academy appending new skills when you learn them!

What about certification?

Schools and jobs will not be impressed by a bunch of self-reported data. Therefore, it is a goal of ours to add respected certifications to the Noggin structures.

Use cases

  • Self-reporting of one or more skill tracks, for reference and analysis.

  • Navigation of skill tracks, Noggin- or user-published, to learn anything and provide immense situational awareness.

  • Embedding of Noggin data into jobs pages, so that employers can gauge fitness, hire faster, and develop strategies (hire a team with diverse sets of skills, or concentrated...).


Noggin is licensed under the GNU General Public License. For more information, see the LICENSE file.

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