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Contributing to North

We love contributors! Yes we do! If you would like to contribute to North, please follow the following guidelines:


  • Spelling and Grammar may be updated with simple pull requests without related issues as long as they do not change the substantive nature of the text they are updating.
  • Additions, Deletions, and Changes must be discussed in an issue in the issue queue and an agreement must be made on any changes before a pull request is made. Any pull request not specifically for spelling and/or grammar changes created that does not reference an issue will be closed.
  • Issue pull requests for only the smallest amount of writing that is needed. If there are spelling and/or grammar updates, issue pull requests for words, sentences, or paragraphs only. If content is being added, deleted, or changed, only issue a pull request for one at a time. This will reduce potential merge conflicts and make it easier and faster to handle changes.
  • Do not mix pull requests. Do not issue a single pull request that both fixes spelling and/or grammar changes and has additions/deletions/or changes. Any pull request that mixes changes will be closed.
  • Contributions that are not in the form of a pull request will not be considered.
  • Follow the writing style as defined in the current documentation. Any changes that do not follow the existing writing style will be asked to be re-written to follow said style. Use a professional instructional tone, not a conversational one. This includes not using words or phrases directed at the current reader, the biggest one being the use of you.


  • DO NOT ISSUE A PULL REQUEST WITHOUT RELATED ISSUE!! All pull requests must reference an issue in the issue queue and will only be looked at after discussion about that issue has taken place. Any pull request created that does not reference an issue will be closed.
  • Each individual feature you would like add, or bug you would like to squash, should be an individual pull request. Each pull request should be from an individual feature branch to either the latest stable or development branch. The current stable branch is master. The current development branch is master.
  • Contributions that are not in the form of a pull request will not be considered.
  • If your pull request does not apply cleanly we will ask you to fix that before we will look into pulling it in. We may ask you to update or make changes to the code you've submitted, please don't take this the wrong way. If a pull request smells (such as if a large amount of code is all within a single commit, or the coding standards aren't in line with what currently exists in North) we may ask you to rewrite your commit.
  • Follow all coding standards as defined in the current code base. Any code that does not follow the existing coding standards will be asked to be re-written to follow said standards.


I would love North translated into your native language! If you would like to translate North into your native language, please do the following:

  • Create an issue stating your intent to translate North. The issue should be titled Translate North to {Language}. If an issue already exists for your language, work with those in the issue queue on the translation
  • Fork North
  • Create your translation titled README with a suffix for your language code. For instance, an Italian translation would be titled
  • Include underneath the title what version of North the translation is tracking