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@@ -109,7 +109,10 @@ bower install north --save-dev
* [Interaction](#interaction)
* [Style and Syntax](#style-and-syntax)
* [Libraries, Plugins, and Frameworks](#libraries-plugins-and-frameworks)
-7. [License and Acknowledgements](#license-and-acknowledgements)
+7. [Tools and Resources](#tools-and-resources)
+ * [Intake Center](#intake-center)
+ * [Generator North](#generator-north)
+8. [License and Acknowledgements](#license-and-acknowledgements)
# Development Process
@@ -1322,6 +1325,19 @@ When building site, very often a point will come when a decision must be made as
* Is the script performant? Does it have performance benchmarks? If not, can it be benchmarked? If a script, regardless of weight, slows down a site significantly, its use should be reconsidered.
* Given browser support, is a heavy JavaScript library like jQuery or Dojo needed? Can paired down versions of those libraries be used? Does usage require the full support behind one of these libraries, or can a small DOM/AJAX library such as [Chibi]( be effective?
+# Tools and Resources
+There have been a handful of tools that have been created in order to assist in working with the North standards, making building awesome things easier.
+## Intake Center
+[Intake.Center]( is a webapp developed to assist with [role definitions]( and [content strategy]( It includes tools for developing and recording [project vision](#project-vision), [user personas](#user-personas), and [content models](#content-modeling) based on []( schemas. [Content inventory](#content-inventory) and [audit](#content-audit) should be performed before modeling takes place.
+## Generator North
+[Generator North]( is a [Yeoman]( generator designed to quickly spin up new North based projects, including integrations with [Sass and Compass](#sass-and-compass), [Bower](, and [JSHint](, with an option to include [BrowserSync]( server and live reloading. Either [Grunt]( or [Gulp]( can be chosen as a task runner. Generator North also provides an easy way scaffold out new components and layouts, reducing the overhead needed to create each new component or layout.
# License and Acknowledgements
Copyright © [Sam Richard]( ([Snugug]( and made available under the [MIT License (MIT)](

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