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Change request: Grid Bias #67

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So let me start by saying I agree with most of North except this one section. For me, it seems to overtly biased to Singularity, which I know you help maintain. Lots of websites are launched with responsive-960 style grids, Bootstrap, or Foundation, and they're just fine. This section comes across slightly as an advertisement for Singularity (which is great! don't get me wrong!) and (again, for me) loses a bit of North's "universal truth" nature. It comes off a bit "hater'y".

I suppose my recommended changes would be to start off by replacing specific framework names with more generic broader groupings and see how it sits. Here's a stab.

Grids should be utilized to keep order on a page. As described in Responsive Grids, grids enforce proportion and constraint on a design and provide order and structure to information. Ideally a grid is constructed specific to the content and design of a site. Pre-packaged grids (Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation) flow content in a generic way that may be suitable for your application. For truly custom grids based on design and content, grid frameworks (Singularity, Suzy, or Neat) provide the flexibility needed to create complex and robust responsive grids.


I have to agree – it's not about which grid system is used, but more about how it's implemented. Unfortunately, grids seem (for me at least) to be one of those parts of a site that just require tweaking to align themselves with the design.


@davatron5000 I will confess that I have a bias towards Singularity and, the original audience for this when this section was written being an internal team, it was designed as an instructional for Singularity. Overall, I'm happy to provide more context for this section and make it less of "Use Singularity". To that extent, some notes:

  • The correct spelling is Susy even though it's pronounced Suzy.
  • I think I'd prefer to point to Gridset App instead of Neat (mentioning it's a paid service) as Gridset App actually provides ability to create asymmetric grids (which is really the point of this section, to think in content first grids)
  • Point to Nathan Ford's excellent Content-out Layout ALA article
  • Reuse some of the terminology and restate some of the definitions from the Responsive Grids presentation, specifically around Grid Systems vs Grid Frameworks and the reason a Framework like Singularity/Susy/GSA is preferred.

@adamcbrewer My opinion there would be the grid definition should be flexible enough that it doesn't need to be tweaked after the fact, and the design should have been done on a grid, any grid, to begin with. That's actually precisely the reason I want to make it clear the difference between a grid system and a grid framework; the former is a grid you design at, the later is a grid you design with.

@Snugug Snugug closed this issue from a commit
@Snugug Snugug Grids Update
Worked on reducing the Singularity bias in Grids. Updates Grids to include Grid System/Framework callbacks and Content-Out grids.

Resolves #67
@Snugug Snugug closed this in 7505ed3
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