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experimental changing of input type=date formatting
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2016 notice: Recent versions of Chrome no longer allow ::before and ::after pseudo-selectors on shadow elements, breaking this example. A different strategy would have to be used, if possible.

custom input date format

Experimental changing of input type=date formatting.


###Supported on Windows Chrome, Mac Chrome + browsers that may support it.

###Dependencies CSS (preferably SASS), jQuery, Adobe Blank font.

###How it works Data attributes are generated and assigned to the data type=input element. The input's shadow DOM elements are hidden using AdobeBlank font. The desired format is appended to the year, month and day elements using the CSS ::after pseudo-element.

###Why To test the capabilities of CSS/Shadow DOM interaction and explore the customizing of the native HTML5/5.1 date picker. This is not something for use in production but simply a not-so-simple experiment.

###Shortcomings Typing or clearing the input can be problematic but I imagine more conditions can be added to handle this.

I could find no way to simply hide the original elements of the date picker (like setting font-size or font-shrink to 0), so I resorted to AdobeBlank font to hide the original text of the input element. Thankfully, the ::after psuedo-element can have its own font specified, allowing custom content to be appended and displayed.

Although the Shadow DOM elements of the date input have attributes indicating the date (like [aria-valuenow]) for the year, month and day, CSS is unable to read them. So JS is used to apply attributes directly to the input element.

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