Scaffolds out a front-end web app or embeddable graphic using North by Northwestern stylings. Forked from the Texas Tribune.
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Texas Tribune News Apps Generator

Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a front-end web app OR embeddable graphic using Texas Tribune stylings. Generously inspired by the original Yeoman web app generator.

PLEASE NOTE: This is still very much in development. Your mileage my vary until we hit 1.0.


And so much more! Please take a look at each generator's package.json and Gruntfile.js to learn more about what's possible.


$ npm install -g generator-tt-newsapps

The News Apps Generator depends on Node.js and npm.


So what do you wanna create? Are you developing a web app or a web graphic? The command you run will differ depending on your needs.

The web app generator is the default. Create the folder you want your project to live in then run the following command inside of it.

$ yo tt-newsapps

If you are creating a web graphic, use this command instead.

$ yo tt-newsapps:graphics

After installing, run grunt serve to preview what you generator has set up. Now get to work! When it comes time to ship to production, use grunt build to prepare dist folder.


Licensed under the MIT License.