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#ifndef _TMan_h
#define _TMan_h
* This class represents the single extra thread variant of the TMan/TTMan pair.
* It only manages one thread, which is the imageThread. See also TTMan
#include "Man.h"
#include "ThreadedImageTranscriber.h"
class TMan : public Man {
TMan(boost::shared_ptr<Sensors> _sensors,
boost::shared_ptr<Transcriber> _transcriber,
boost::shared_ptr<ThreadedImageTranscriber> _imageTranscriber,
boost::shared_ptr<MotionEnactor> _enactor,
boost::shared_ptr<Synchro> synchro,
boost::shared_ptr<Lights> _lights);
virtual ~TMan();
virtual void startSubThreads();
virtual void stopSubThreads();
boost::shared_ptr<ThreadedImageTranscriber> threadedImageTranscriber;