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// enable / disable YubiKey authentication
$rcmail_config['yubikey'] = true;
// YubiKey API key & ID needed to access the web service API.
// see:
$rcmail_config['yubikey_api_id'] = '';
$rcmail_config['yubikey_api_key'] = '';
// Once a user enters and saves his YubiKey ID, he will not
// be able to make changes to YubiKey ID or disable the
// YubiKey OTP requirement.
// This is *useful* when users don't fully understand the benefits
// of 2-factor authentication.
$rcmail_config['yubikey_disallow_user_changes'] = false; // bool
// YubiKey API URL, defaulting to YubiCloud servers if not specified.
$rcmail_config['yubikey_api_url'] = '';
$rcmail_config['debug_logger']['yubikey'] = 'yubikey';
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