A Kubernetes Native API Management Solution
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Kanali is a lightweight, Kubernetes native API management gateway that together with network policies provide a robust, open source solution to Kubernetes ingress, API management, and API security.

Notable features:

  • Kubernetes Native: Kanali extends the Kubernetes API by using Custom Resource Definitions, allowing Kanali to be configured and used in the same way as native Kubernetes resources.
  • Performance Centric: As a middleware component, Kanali is developed with performance as the highest priority!
  • Plugin Framework: Need to perform complex transformations or integrations with a legacy system? Kanali provides a framework allowing developers to create, integrate, and version control custom plugins.
  • User-Defined Configurations: Kanali gives you control over declaratively configuring how your proxy behaves. Need mutual TLS, dynamic service discovery, mock responses, etc.? Kanali makes it easy!
  • Robust API Management: Fine grained API key authorization, JWT validation, quota policies, rate limiting, etc., these are some of the built in API management capabilities that Kanali provides.
  • Analytics & Monitoring: Kanali integrates with Prometheus and Grafana to provide a robust set of metrics and a customizable dashboard so that you can monitor the performance of your APIs in real time.
  • Production Ready: Northwestern Mutual uses Kanali in production at scale for all of its API management needs in their cloud native stack.
  • Cloud Native Deployment: Kanali is deployed using native Kubernetes constructs which is assisted by an included Helm chart.
  • Open Tracing Integration: Kanali integrates with OpenTracing, a vendor-neutral open standard for distributed tracing. Jaeger, a distributed tracing system, is supported out of the box to provide a visual representation for your traces.

Getting Started

Find complete documentation at kanali.io.

Try our interactive tutorial.


KubeCon 2017


See CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.


Before filing an issue, please visit our troubleshooting guide.