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Erlang Starter Kit

The Starter Kit should provide a basic set of Erlang/OTP tools for development and for testing.

The latest version is at


This won't teach you Erlang/OTP, but it'll make it easier to get started as a developer.


  1. Install Erlang/OTP. Use your package manager if you have one. Otherwise download from Open-source Erlang a source tarball for building and installing.
  2. Make sure erl and erlc are in your shell's path.
  3. Move the directory containing this file to "~/.erlang.d". (If you already have a directory at ~/.erlang.d move it out of the way and put this there instead.)
  4. Download (i.e. make -C ~/.erlang.d deps) the Starter Kit's Dependencies.
  5. Build (i.e. make -C ~/.erlang.d) the Starter Kit.
  6. Make (i.e. ln -s ~/.erlang.d/init.erl /.erlang) a symbolic link to the file "/.erlang.d/init.erl". (If you already have a file at ~/.erlang move it out the way and symlink this there instead.)


The init.erl file is where everything begins.


See the file TODO.

Files are licensed under the same license as Erlang/OTP unless otherwise specified. See the file COPYING for details.

The latest version is here.


Thanks to the Emacs Starter Kit for the original idea and for helping write this README!