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+# Contributing to Meck
+:+1::tada: First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! :tada::+1:
+The following is a set of guidelines for contributing to Meck. These are just
+guidelines, not rules, use your best judgment and feel free to propose changes
+to this document in a pull request.
+## What should I know before I get started?
+### Code of Conduct
+This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant
+[code of conduct]( By participating, you are expected to
+uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to
+[meck at alind dot io].
+## How Can I Contribute?
+You can:
+* Submit an issue (see [Reporting Bugs](#reporting-bugs))
+* Suggest an enhancement (see [Suggesting Enhancements](#suggesting-enhancements))
+* Submit a pull request (see [Pull Requests](#pull-requests))
+### Your First Contribution
+If you want to contribute with documentation, wiki pages, examples, code or
+tests and are unsure of how to start, just open an issue to start a discussion.
+It could be a proposal, a question for support or further direction or any
+other feedback you might have.
+### Reporting Bugs
+Submitting a good bug report will help identifying, debugging and solving an
+Please check first if any similar issues have already been reported. If so,
+add to the discussion by commenting on one of those instead.
+When you're ready to submit a bug report you can use the
+[bug report template](.github/ defined in the project (it's
+automatically used whenever you create a new issue on GitHub). Make sure to
+fill in which versions you are using and instructions of how to reproduce the
+### Suggesting Enhancements
+Suggesting enhancements doesn't have to be as structured as a bug report, but
+should still contain the motivation for the enhancement, an example use case
+and some reasoning why this enhancement should go into Meck itself (reasons it
+should not might include that it works as an external library, that it is more
+test framework related than mocking related etc.)
+### Pull Requests
+Pull requests really appreciated. To increase the chance of getting your code
+merged, make sure the pull request is small and well structured. You should
+prepare your pull request to try to meet the following guidelines where it
+makes sense:
+1. Squash all changes into one commit. If you have many independent changes,
+ submit each in its own pull request.
+2. Document any external API functions changed or added via EDoc.
+3. Run the existing tests to make sure you didn't break anything.
+3. Add working tests that illustrate and cover the changes, or detects an issue
+ to be fixed. A good example is to create a failing test case that exposes the issue you are trying to fix, before fixing it.
+4. Make sure the code and commit follow the [style guides](#styleguides).
+5. (Optional) Add type specifications and run Dialyzer where it makes sense.
+## Styleguides
+### Commit Messages
+Commit messages should be limited to 50 characters without a period on the
+subject line and be written in imperative mood.
+Longer explanations should be in the body, two lines below the message, wrapped at 72 characters.
+See [How to Write a Git Commit Message](
+### Code
+* Lines should be no longer than 80 characters. This is isn't some arbitrary
+ length based on nostalgia, it's just a choice of fitting limit if you want to have several files open at once next to each other on a modern wide screen
+ monitor.
+* Functions should be exported one by one in their own export statement. This
+ is so that one export can easily be rearranged or removed without messing
+ with commas and Erlang attributes.
+If you are unsure, try to find some similar code already in the repository and
+mimic that. Otherwise just submit the pull request to get some stylistic
+feedback if necessary.

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