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QC - Wrappers for QuickCheck and Proper testing tools

Copyright (c) 2013-2016 by Joseph Wayne Norton

Authors: Joseph Wayne Norton (norton@alum.mit.edu).

QC is an Erlang application that provides a set of wrappers for QuickCheck and Proper testing tools.

This repository is a "work-in-progress" - please contribute if you find QC useful.

Quick Start Recipe

To download and build the qc application in one shot, please follow this recipe:

$ mkdir working-directory-name
$ cd working-directory-name
$ git clone https://github.com/norton/qc.git qc
$ cd qc
$ make deps clean compile


Where should I start?

This README is the only bit of documentation right now.

Please see https://github.com/norton/lets for an Erlang application that has been developed and tested by using only QC.

What is QuickCheck?

QuickCheck is a commercial property-based testing tool for Erlang.

  • A language for stating properties of programs (implemented as a library of functions and macros).

  • A tool for testing properties in randomly generated cases.

See http://www.quviq.com/ for further details.

What is Proper?

PropEr (PROPerty-based testing tool for ERlang) is a QuickCheck-inspired open-source property-based testing tool for Erlang.

See http://proper.softlab.ntua.gr/ for further details.