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QC - Wrappers for QuickCheck and Proper testing tools

Copyright (c) 2013-2016 by Joseph Wayne Norton

Authors: Joseph Wayne Norton (

QC is an Erlang application that provides a set of wrappers for QuickCheck and Proper testing tools.

This repository is a "work-in-progress" - please contribute if you find QC useful.

Quick Start Recipe

To download and build the qc application in one shot, please follow this recipe:

$ mkdir working-directory-name
$ cd working-directory-name
$ git clone qc
$ cd qc
$ make deps clean compile


Where should I start?

This README is the only bit of documentation right now.

Please see for an Erlang application that has been developed and tested by using only QC.

What is QuickCheck?

QuickCheck is a commercial property-based testing tool for Erlang.

  • A language for stating properties of programs (implemented as a library of functions and macros).

  • A tool for testing properties in randomly generated cases.

See for further details.

What is Proper?

PropEr (PROPerty-based testing tool for ERlang) is a QuickCheck-inspired open-source property-based testing tool for Erlang.

See for further details.