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Community working group

This is the charter for the Norton Imperial Laboratories community working group (the NIL CWG).

The CWG is responsible for the integrity and safety of the NIL community. It is the primary venue to resolve inter-personal disputes or to report bad behavior.

Code of conduct

The CWG is responsible for creating, editing, and maintaining NIL's code of conduct (CoC).

The purpose of the CoC is to help make NIL a space where everyone is safe and valued, regardless of background, identity, or experience.

The CoC will describe required and prohibited behavior and practices, and repercussions for violations.

The CoC may extend to behavior in both physical and virtual spaces, and to events, times, places, acts, and activities related to NIL even if they do not occur in NIL's spaces.

The CWG is responsible for ensuring that the CoC is well-known and broadly understood by the NIL community.


The CWG is responsible for creating mechanisms for reporting harassment, violations of the CoC, other bad behavior, and inter-personal disputes.

The CWG shall ensure that this reporting mechanism is widely accessible to members of the NIL community, and that members of the NIL community feel safe using it.

The CWG shall be responsible for setting appropriate safeguards regarding confidentiality and integrity of reports, and respect for those who make reports.


The CWG is responsible for administering a process to adjudicate disputes between members of the NIL community.

The CWG dispute-adjudication process shall be fair to its participants, and administered in a way which protects and keeps safe vulnerable participants.

The CWG dispute-adjudication process shall be applicable to disputes of various severities.


The CWG has the authority to assign repercussions for bad behavior.

The CWG is responsible for defining a schedule of such repercussions, and a mechanism for assigning them.

The CWG has the authority to suspend or terminate NIL membership, participation in NIL's council, or the role of an officer.

The CWG has the authority to bar a person from NIL's physical and virtual spaces, or to place additional requirements or restrictions on a person's participation in NIL.


Decisions made by the CWG may be appealed to NIL's council.

The council has no obligation to hear an appeal.

A council-member who has been suspended or terminated by the CWG may not participate in any appeals.


The CWG shall aim have three to seven members.

If the CWG's membership is less than three, the CWG is responsible for immediately seeking out new qualified members.

Quorum of the CWG is three unless the CWG has less than three members. If the CWG has less than three members, quorum shall be the full CWG membership.

Members of the CWG are not required to be members of NIL.

The CWG may place any requirements on its members.

It is the CWG's responsibility to select new CWG members.