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from __future__ import print_function
import string, random, os, re, bisect
"""Produce Panama-ish Palindromes. Copyright (C) 2002, Peter Norvig.
See and"""
def is_panama(p):
"Test if p is a Panama-ish palindrome."
def is_unique(seq): return len(seq) == len(dict(zip(seq, seq)))
return (p.endswith('Panama') and is_palindrome(p)
and is_unique([s.strip() for s in p.split(',')]))
def is_palindrome(phrase):
"Test if a phrase is a palindrome."
cphrase = canonical(phrase)
return cphrase == reverse(cphrase)
def canonical(word, sub=re.compile('[^A-Za-z0-9]').sub):
"The canonical form for comparing: lowercase alphanumerics."
return sub('', word).lower()
def read_dict(filename='npdict.txt'):
"Read the file into global variables _fw and _bw and _truename."
global _fw, _bw, _truename
_fw, _bw, _truename = [], [], {'': ''}
for word in open(filename).read().splitlines():
w = canonical(word)
_truename[w] = word
_fw.sort(); _bw.sort()
return len(_fw), len(_bw), len(_truename)
def update(obj, **entries): obj.__dict__.update(entries); return obj
class PalDict:
"""A dictionary from which you can find canonical words that start or end
with a given canonical substring, and find the true name of a
canonical word."""
def __init__(self, fw=None, bw=None, truename=None):
update(self, fw=fw or _fw, bw=bw or _bw, truename=truename or _truename)
def startswith(self, prefix, k=100):
"""Return up to k canonical words that start with prefix.
If there are more than k, choose from them at random."""
return k_startingwith(k, self.fw, prefix)
def endswith(self, suffix, k=100):
"""Return up to k canonical words that end with suffix.
If there are more than k, choose from them at random.
Both the suffix and the word returned are reversed."""
return k_startingwith(k,, suffix)
def k_startingwith(k, words, prefix):
"""Choose up to k words that match the prefix (choose randomly if > k)."""
start = bisect.bisect(words, prefix)
end = bisect.bisect(words, prefix + 'zzzz')
n = end - start
if k >= n:
results = words[start:end]
else: # Should really try to avoid duplicates
results = [words[random.randrange(start, end)] for i in range(k)]
return results
class Panama:
def __init__(self, L='A man, a plan', R='a canal, Panama', dict=None):
left = [canonical(w) for w in L.split(', ')]
right = [canonical(reverse(w)) for w in reverse(R.split(', '))]
update(self, left=left, right=right, dict=dict or PalDict(), best=0,
seen={}, diff=len(''.join(left)) - len(''.join(right)))
for word in left + map(reverse, right):
self.seen[word] = 1
def missing(self, k=20):
"""Return the substring that is missing, and candidate words."""
if self.diff >= 0: # Left is longer, missing on right
substr = self.left[-1][-self.diff:]
return substr, self.dict.endswith(substr, k)
else: # Right is longer, missing on left
substr = self.right[-1][self.diff:]
return substr, self.dict.startswith(substr, k)
def search(self, k=200):
"Search for palindromes; consider at most k words at each level."
self.stack = [self.missing(k)]
while self.stack:
substr, words = self.stack[-1]
if is_palindrome(substr):
if words:
self.extend(words.pop(), k)
elif not self.backtrack():
def extend(self, word, k):
"Add a new word (unless we've already seen it)."
if self.diff >= 0: # Left is longer, add to right
fword = reverse(word)
if fword in self.seen: return
self.diff -= len(fword)
self.seen[fword] = 1
else: # Right is longer, add to left
if word in self.seen: return
self.diff += len(word)
self.seen[word] = 1
def backtrack(self):
"Remove the last word added; return 0 if can't backtrack"
if self.diff >= 0: # Left is longer, pop from left
if not self.left: return 0
word = self.left.pop()
self.diff -= len(word)
del self.seen[word]
else: # Right is longer, pop from right
if not self.right: return 0
word = self.right.pop()
self.diff += len(word)
del self.seen[reverse(word)]
return 1
def report(self):
"Write current state to log file."
if len(self) > + 200: = len(self)
self.bestphrase = str(self)
assert is_panama(self.bestphrase)
f = open('pallog%d.txt' % os.getpid(), 'w')
f.write(self.bestphrase + '\n')
def __len__(self):
return len(self.left) + len(self.right)
def __str__(self):
truename = self.dict.truename
lefts = [truename[w] for w in self.left]
rights = [truename[reverse(w)] for w in reverse(self.right[:])]
return ', '.join(lefts + ['*****'] + rights)
def reverse(x):
"Reverse a list or string."
if type(x) == type(''):
return ''.join(reverse(list(x)))
return x
if __name__ == '__main__': read_dict(); p = Panama();