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The NORX Differential-Search Engine
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NODE - The (NO)RX (D)ifferential-Search (E)ngine

NODE is a framework to analyse differential propagation in the NORX authenticated encryption scheme. The accompanying research paper can be found on the IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive as Report 2014/317.


####Setup NODE searches for stp in node/bin or in $PATH (in that order). Thus, either install STP globally or copy/link the stp binary to node/bin/stp. The same holds for the other two supported solvers boolector and cryptominisat.

NODE includes stp and cryptominisat as submodules. To check them out simply execute

git submodule init
git submodule update

in the node root folder.

####Usage To start a differential search execute

./ -d {database} -e {entry}

where database and entry can be found in the settings file config/ The results of a search are written to the folder tmp. Moreover, execute

./ -d {database} -e {entry} -p

to display the generated CVC code, without doing a search.

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