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split_test_name is detected as a test: rename it
- Make conf passed not global
- Use logging for messaging
X split out test selection into selector class
X use in core
X move config to own module
X move capture to result module
X implement in result
- remove from core
X use text test result in core
X use plugins in core
X coverage
Output capture handling
- Monkeypatch in a new _TextTestResult instead of all of the current chicanery
Assert introspection
- use in assertion error only -- only replace that class (replace the
reference(s) in unittest as well)
- introspect object instances? what about methods (probably not)
- fix the 'EOF in multi-line input' bug
Error handling
- exit on error or fail
X pdb on error or fail
Path handling
X importer:
(all configurable!)
* before attempting import, ensure that the path to the module to
be imported is in sys.path;
* if the module is a file other than in a dir containing an, walk up to find the root dir (with no and
ensure that directory is in sys.path
* after import, walk up package to package root and ensure that the
package root is in sys.path
* investigate Kumar's load/reload bug
- test selector: decide if a dir, module, file, class, or function is a
wanted test
X doctest
- test collector: given a context (module, directory, or file) return tests
X doctest
- test watcher: before_all, before_test, after_test, after_all ..
X coverage
- profile
@raises(*exc) -- assert func call raises exception
@timed(under, over, exact) -- assert func execs in under, over, exact time
SkipTest exception ... catch in addError, addSkip instead, print skipped in
output after failed
Deprecated too?