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"""Use the AllModules plugin by passing ``--all-modules`` or setting the
NOSE_ALL_MODULES environment variable to enable collection and execution of
tests in all python modules. Normal nose behavior is to look for tests only in
modules that match testMatch.
More information: :doc:`../doc_tests/test_allmodules/test_allmodules`
.. warning ::
This plugin can have surprising interactions with plugins that load tests
from what nose normally considers non-test modules, such as
the :doc:`doctest plugin <doctests>`. This is because any given
object in a module can't be loaded both by a plugin and the normal nose
:class:`test loader <nose.loader.TestLoader>`. Also, if you have functions
or classes in non-test modules that look like tests but aren't, you will
likely see errors as nose attempts to run them as tests.
import os
from nose.plugins.base import Plugin
class AllModules(Plugin):
"""Collect tests from all python modules.
def options(self, parser, env):
"""Register commandline options.
env_opt = 'NOSE_ALL_MODULES'
help="Enable plugin %s: %s [%s]" %
(self.__class__.__name__,, env_opt))
def wantFile(self, file):
"""Override to return True for all files ending with .py"""
# always want .py files
if file.endswith('.py'):
return True
def wantModule(self, module):
"""Override return True for all modules"""
return True