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.static Committed PyCon sprint work.
.templates Change links on docs sidebar
api Committed PyCon sprint work.
plugins Fixes bad link to begin() in docs (#438)
Makefile Use Sphinx manpage writer instead of Docutils one
api.rst Committed PyCon sprint work. Grab the version number from nose itself for use in the documentation.
contributing.rst Updating docs to point to git/GitHub rather than hg/BitBucket.
developing.rst Updating docs to point to git/GitHub rather than hg/BitBucket.
doc_tests Doc updates, some done some in progress Committed PyCon sprint work.
finding_tests.rst Committed PyCon sprint work.
further_reading.rst Remove reference to deleted file from the docs
index.html Updated multiprocessing module docs and main doc link page
index.rst correcting typo, missing the word "run"
man.rst Remove docinfo from man.rst, not needed with Sphinx builder
more_info.rst Committed PyCon sprint work.
news.rst Consolidated outdated 0.11 intro on the news page into the changelog
plugins.rst fixed a lot of broken links, did some formatting consistency stuff
rtd-requirements.txt Requirements file for read the docs
setuptools_integration.rst Tweakin the docs
testing.rst Doc updates
testing_tools.rst Use sphinx PEP reference
usage.rst Removed doubled word
writing_tests.rst Fix #743: fix incorrect regex in writing_tests.rst
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