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ext Merged multiprocess plugin branch (issue 93)
plugins Merge pull request #841 from fellowshipofone/master
sphinx Fix include directive in autoplugin_directive.
tools Updated timed decorator to return result of function. Bump version and update changelog. Use sys.executable instead of a hard-coded 'python' case.shortDescription() is more forgiving to __str__ errors (issue 422) setuptools nosetest command breaks build_ext due to setup.cfg configu… Show ValueError about -w path name in quotes. Merge pull request #682 from kevinjqiu/ignore-keyboard-interrupt Doc updates: all but plugins Fix #693: Python 2.4 incompatibilities Just check for instead More 3.x fixups (Now down to only 5 of 331 tests not passing) Fix some logging and formatting with a recent loader change. Stop mangling error output. Fix #887: Py 2 vs 3: test name discrepancy Fix a traceback when using string exceptions. move is_executable to nose.util Switch ContextSuite to use super() to keep the init-sequence correct. Add missing line.
usage.txt Add note about tests being ignored from +x files. move is_executable to nose.util
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