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Canumb - tools for developers

Canumb aims to crunch data on various forms and turn them into something meaningful. A variety of inputs are currently supported, such different number base conversions (decimal to hexadecimal, binary to hexadecimal, octal to decimal, etc), various encoded format (base64 encoder decoder, uri encoder decoder). It's built in way to allow for extension when the future demands other input formats to be crunched.


Canumb is hosted online for you to try out. You're free to use this as much as you want, either through the frontend or integrating in the API.


Base conversion

The following conversions are available (TL;DR: all conversions between base 2 (binary), 8 (octal), 10 (decimal) and 16 (hexadecimal)):

  • Binary to Octal
  • Binary to Decimal
  • Binary to Hexadecimal
  • Octal to Binary
  • Octal to Decimal
  • Octal to Hexadecimal
  • Decimal to Binary
  • Decimal to Octal
  • Decimal to Hexadecimal
  • Hexadecimal to Binary
  • Hexadecimal to Octal
  • Hexadecimal to Decimal

Canumb supports arbitrary precision, you may convert a number of any size. Well, the algorithm is slow so less than 1000 digits. But that's still very large numbers. Very useful for those long network protocol bit-streams.

The binary output may also be aligned (both the API and the frontend supports this), so you can group them for easier digestion. Typically 8 bits (1 byte) per group is useful as binary protocols often are octet-aligned.

Only unsigned integer numbers at this point, feel free to help out improve support.

Encoding and Decoding

Supported encodings:


Canumb can hash data using a wide array of algorithms:

Note: If you're using this, or its accompanying api to hash any password for you site/application, you're insane. All texts into this API is clear-text (albeit maybe HTTPS if the server is set up for this). Don't do that. Don't be that guy.


Canumb can turn difficult-to-read data and turn it into something more manageable. Currently it only supports JSON in this sense, but it does it quite well. This is a frontend feature only.

Input any valid JSON and you will get an expandable, browsable menu to look through the data. Excellent for interpreting what is other primarily meant for machines to read.

You will also have the opportunity to get the minified, or a nicely indented version of your input data.


Just make a pull request and your contribution will be considered (and assuming it's useful, merged) as soon as possible. This'll get your name on the contributors list aswell.


  • Alexander Olsson <noseglid at>


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