A Vert.x application instrumented using Prometheus
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A Vert.x application instrumented using Prometheus

This project is a sample application instrumented using Prometheus libraries. Application exposes an endpoint to allow Prometheus to scrape the metrics. The exposed metrics are:

  • Internal metrics of the Vert.x toolkit, see also Vert.x Dropwizard Metrics
  • Java Virtual Machine metrics
  • Log metrics (counts how many DEBUG, INFO, WARN and ERROR messages have been logged)
  • A custom metric (mycounter)

Metrics are exposed in the Prometheus's text format at the endpoint http://localhost:8080/metrics

A sample of the exposed metrics can be found in the file sample_output.txt

Build this project:

$ mvn clean package

Run the application:

$ java -jar ./target/vertx-metrics-1.0-SNAPSHOT-fat.jar

Get the metrics in Prometheus format:

$ curl localhost:8080/metrics