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a Postfix access control Daemon to save last sasl authentication in a mysql database
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Use Postfix access control to save the last sasl authentication (smtps or submission ) (date, not datetime ) of an user in mysql


1 - install needed packages ubuntu/debain: apt install supervisor python3-mysqldb

2 - copy and edit last_auth.conf

   cp last_auth.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/ 

3 - edit those lines in /etc/postfix/

_bind='' _bindport=10007 _myhost="localhost" _myuser="last_access" _mypasswd="XXXXXXXX" _mydb="mail" _mytable="mailbox" _mycolumn="last_auth"

4 - create column in mysql

    ALTER TABLE `mailbox` ADD `last_auth` DATE NULL DEFAULT NULL; 

5 - Restart supervisord service supervisor restart

6 - add line to /etc/postfix/

smtpd_last_auth = check_policy_service inet: #change to the value of _bindport 

7 - modify you /etc/postfix/ ( smtps or/and submission entry do not use this in smtp )

 -o smtpd_end_of_data_restrictions=$smtpd_last_auth

8 - service postfix reload


1 - verify if the daemon are listening:

    netstat -nl |grep 10007 ( use your _bindport value )

2 - The test

  cat Testfile | netcat 10007
  see the mail/syslog log too:
  Feb 27 11:36:29 mail postfix/last_auth[102313]:[410] sasl_username:(root@localhost)
  Feb 27 11:36:29 mail postfix/last_auth[102313]:[410] _affected_rows: 1

3 - Try to send an email with an authenticated user and see the mail log

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