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#!/usr/bin/env python2
Get historical order information about orders on JustEat. And
regret. There is no API limit for your own sense of regret.
__author__ = ""
import argparse
import json
import collections
import datetime
from operator import itemgetter
import BeautifulSoup
import requests
LOGIN_URL = "https://www.just-eat.%s/member/login"
PREVORDERS_URL = "https://www.just-eat.%s/member/prevorders"
class LoginException(Exception):
class JustEat(object):
def generateYearPlaceholder(year):
# Generate a placeholder that JustEat expects for the orders page:
# 2008 is when the placeholder grouping starts so it is place 00.
# for example 2010 will be 04
placeholder_t = "ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$ctl00$ctl{0:02d}"
yearfactor = year - 2008
return placeholder_t.format(yearfactor * 2)
def __init__(self, username, password, region="ie"):
self.__username = username
self.__password = password
self._session = requests.Session()
self.region = region
def login(self):
# Get our session cookies
login_attempt = % self.region,
data={"EmailAddress": self.__username,
"Password": self.__password,
"ReturnUrl": "%2F",
"PersistentLoginEnabled": "True",
"RememberMe": "false"})
if not login_attempt.ok:
raise LoginException
return True
def parseOrderPage(self, page_content):
# Do some heinous shit with the terrible HTML JustEat return
# to get what we need.
content_reader = BeautifulSoup.BeautifulSoup(page_content)
purchases = []
# this is some vile html: no ids, very little class except for
# incorrect ones
purchase_data = content_reader.findAll("table", {"class": "signUp"})
if len(purchase_data) > 1:
raise Exception(("JustEat's HTML looks worse than usual - "
"something is broken :("))
elif len(purchase_data) == 0:
raise LoginException
purchase_data = purchase_data[0]
# TODO use per-order checks with this URL - will be able to get
# more interesting details like average time of day (almost
# certianly time of morning) of orders
for purchase in purchase_data.findAll("tr"):
left_td_find = purchase.findAll("td", {"align": "left"})
if not left_td_find or len(left_td_find) != 2:
# This line isn't a purchase, skip it
# TODO make a datetime
purchase_date, purchase_location = [ i.string for i in left_td_find ]
purchase_amount = purchase.findAll("div", {"style": "float: right;"})
if purchase_amount:
purchase_amount = float(purchase_amount[0].string)
purchase_id = purchase.findAll("a", {"style": "cursor:pointer;"})
if purchase_id:
purchase_id = purchase_id[0].string
purchase_dict = {
"date": purchase_date,
"location": purchase_location,
"amount": purchase_amount,
"id": purchase_id
return purchases
def getOrderData(self, startyear=2008,
# Request the order history from startyear until endyear and
# create a per-year dict.
order_dict = collections.defaultdict(dict)
for year in range(2008, endyear+1):
page_content = self.getOrderPage(year)
order_dict[year]["orders"] = self.parseOrderPage(page_content)
order_dict[year]["total_cost"] = sum([i["amount"] for i in order_dict[year]["orders"]])
if order_dict[year]["orders"]:
order_dict[year]["most_purchased"] = collections.Counter(
[i["location"] for i in order_dict[year]["orders"]]
order_dict[year]["most_purchased"] = None
return dict(order_dict)
def getOrderPage(self, year):
# Get the HTML content of an order page for a given year
year_placeholder = self.generateYearPlaceholder(year)
order_attempt = % self.region,
data={"__EVENTTARGET": year_placeholder})
if not order_attempt.ok:
raise Exception("Couldn't get order page: %s" % order_attempt.content)
return order_attempt.content
def print_totals(order_dict):
for k, v in sorted(order_dict['totals'].items(), key=itemgetter(1), reverse=True):
print("%s: %0.2f" % (k, v))
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Find out how much more ashamed you should feel about ordering food online')
parser.add_argument('email', metavar='email', type=str,
help="Your JustEat account's email address")
parser.add_argument("password", metavar="password", type=str,
help="Your JustEat account's password")
parser.add_argument("--json", "-j", dest="json", action="store_true",
help="Dump only order output as JSON")
parser.add_argument("--region", "-R", dest="region", action="store", default="ie",
help="Region from which to fetch order information (untested)")
parser.add_argument("--totals", "-t", dest="totals", action="store_true",
help="Show totals for each location")
args = parser.parse_args()
just_eat = JustEat(, args.password, args.region)
order_data = just_eat.getOrderData()
if args.totals:
order_totals = {'totals':{}}
for year in order_data:
order_data[year]['totals'] = {}
for order in order_data[year]['orders']:
order_data[year]['totals'][order['location']] = order_data[year]['totals'].get(order['location'], 0) + order['amount']
order_totals['totals'][order['location']] = order_totals['totals'].get(order['location'], 0) + order['amount']
for year in order_data:
print year
print("Totals: ")
total_cost = []
if args.json:
for year, year_details in order_data.iteritems():
\tMost frequented: %s
\tTotal cost: %0.2f""" % (year,
year_details["total_cost"] if year_details["total_cost"]
else 0.0))
print("\nTotal cost: %0.2f" % sum(total_cost))
if __name__ == "__main__":