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Watcher is an automated movie NZB & Torrent searcher and snatcher. You can add a list of wanted movies and Watcher will automatically send the NZB or Torrent to your download client. Watcher also has basic post-processing capabilities such as renaming and moving.

Watcher is a work in progress and plans to add more features in the future, but we will always prioritize speed and stability over features.

Watcher may change frequently, so we strongly suggest you subscribe to the subreddit /r/watcher to stay informed of any announcements, feature discussion, or events that require user interaction.

Refer to the wiki for more information about post-processing, start scripts, and other features.


Watcher requires Python 3.

It is also strongly recommended that you install GIT. This will allow you to update much more easily.

Download the required files using GIT:

If you choose to use Git follow these steps.

  • Open a terminal and cd to the directory you in which you want to install Watcher.
  • Run git clone
  • Start Watcher using python3 watcher/
  • Open a browser and navigate to localhost:9090

Download ZIP:

If you do not wish to use Git, follow these steps.

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Click on the green Clone or download button and click Download ZIP
  • Once done downloading, extract the ZIP to the location in which you want Watcher installed
  • Open a terminal and cd to the Watcher directory.
  • Start Watcher using python3 watcher/
  • Open a browser and navigate to localhost:9090


You can add the following arguments to Watcher when running the Python script. Always use the absolute path when supplying a directory or file argument.

Run the server as a daemon (*nix only)

$ --daemon

Run the server as a background process (Windows only)

$ pythonw --daemon

Change address to bind to.

$ --address

Change port to host on.

$ --port 9090

Open browser on launch.

$ --browser

Change path to config file. If not present, one will be created.

$ --conf /path/to/config.cfg

Change path of log directory.

$ --log /path/to/logs/

Change path to database. If not present, a new, empty database will be created.

$ --db /path/to/database.sqlite

Change path to plugins directory.

$ --plugins /path/to/plugins/

Create PID file.

$ --pid /path/to/pid/

Backup / Restore

Watcher includes a simple script for backing up and restoring your database and config.

The backup function will create a new in the Watcher folder.

To restore, place in the Watcher folder of your target installation and run the restore command.


Back up Watcher.

$ -b

Restore Watcher.

$ -r