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Building NoSQLBench


You need Java 17 or newer to build NoSQLBench.

Building Locally

mvn package

To build NoSQLBench in its entirety, you simply need to run

mvn package

The steps needed to build the full nb binary are all self-contained within the Maven build mojo, including the following:

  • Building all the maven modules
  • Building the nb binary in nb/target/nb using AppImage.
  • Building the guidebook app in docsys/src/main/resources/docsys-guidebook
  • Building the static guidebook in nb/target/guidebook
  • Exporting all the bundled markdown into nb/target/guidebook

mvn verify

The integration tests for NoSQLBench are run in the verify phase. You can run these tests with mvn verify. These tests are based on invoking capsule-form scenario scripts and scrutinizing their output. They can take quite a bit of time, but there is no substitute for this level of testing, particularly for a tool that is used to test other systems.


CI and Github Actions

This project uses github actions to manage continuous integration. Below is a sketch of how the automation currently works.


The releases workflow is responsible for thie following:

  1. Build nb and nb.jar binaries and application content.
  2. Publish new nb.jar releases to maven via Sonatype OSSRH.
  3. Upload release assets to the newly published release.
  4. Upload updated docs to the github pages site for
  5. (future) upload updated javadocs ot the github pages site for


The build workflow simply builds the project and then verifies it in that order using the standard maven mojo.