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We are actively looking for contributors to help make NoSQLBench better. This is an ambitious project that is just finding its stride. If you want to be part of the next chapter in NoSQLBench development please look at CONTRIBUTING for ideas, and jump in where you feel comfortable.

All contributors are expected to abide by the CODE_OF_CONDUCT.


All of the code in this repository is licensed under the APL version 2. If you contribute to this project, then you must agree to license all of your construbutions under this license.

Project Structure

NoSQLBench is an ambitious project. It has lots of advanced functionality built-in that you won't find in any other performance testing tool. That means that there is also a lot of code.

To make a testing runtime that can be expanded according to different protocols and scripting requirements, modularity is absolutely essential. Thus, you will find many nodules, each focusing on one specific type of responsibility. The build system bundles all the modules together into a cohesive whole using SPI and auto-discovery mechanisms at run-time.

To make it easier to find the module you are looking for, the following strict naming conventions have been adopted:

  • All packages within a module start with io.nosqlbench, followed by the module name, with hyphens converted to dots. For example, the 'engine-api' module contains packages in io.nosqlbench.engine.api.
  • Modules which implement activity types (high-level protocol drivers) are named driver-....
  • Modules which provide procedural data generation support are named virtdata-....
  • Modules which provide core runtime logic are named engine-....
  • Project-wide maven defaults are contained in the mvn-defaults module.

All runtime packaging and bundling is done in the nb module. It produces a Linux binary in target/eb. If you are doing testing and need to have a classpath that includes all th bundled modules together, then use the nb module as your classpath module.