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title: Christian Sunesson
<h2>Recent posts</h2>
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<p> I live in Stockholm. I have <a href="" title="Christian Sunesson is on facebook">facebook</a> and I am <a href="" title="Christian Sunesson has a profile on linkedin">linkedin</a>.
<p> My open source projects are few:
<li> <a href="">A small FastCGI server in OTP/Erlang</a> (<a href="">"Documentation"</a>)
<li> <a href="">A small HTTP server in OTP/Erlang</a>(<a href="">"Documentation"</a>)
<li> <a href="">PostgreSQL driver in Erlang</a> (<a href="">"Documentation"</a>)
<li> <a href="">Erlang service mock</a> (<a href="">"Documentation"</a>)