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This repository holds all the providers displayed in the tracker.

Open Banking Tracker shows whether large institutions, such as Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Citi, and many more, have the correct infrastructure in place to be adequately prepared for the upcoming change in the regulatory environment as we will be tracking over 30 data points per organization (Sandboxes, AIS, PIS, APIs, Data breaches, iOS, and Android usage, etc.). In regards to PSD2 and Open Banking, registered financial institutions are required to have developer sandboxes (area for developers to test their programs) and relevant APIs in place to promote transparency and freedom of data.

Our goal, through this project, is to bring more transparency throughout the industry as well as empower developers and customers to choose the right partner to help support their growth. We will encourage that by sharing insights and reports in the future based on the analytics we generate.

You can add a service by following the contribution guidelines.


We use JSON Schema to validate the data and to maintain a high level of data quality. Please find the schema at the following location.


We only show publicly available data and try to verify as much data as possible. If you want to be removed from the tracker, send in a pull request with the reason stated.


Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). Please see the license file for more information.

Commercial licenses available on request contact us


Made in Belgium 🇧🇪 Europe 🇪🇺

The Open Banking Tracker is created by Banq. Banq builds data products and ecosystem solutions for bank and fintech providers.


We do our best to ensure that the data we provide is complete, accurate and useful. However, because we do not verify all the data, and because the processing required to make the data useful is complex, we cannot be liable for omissions or inaccuracies.