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Search results pagination is not working with the plugin activated.

I get a link with the following format:
But when I access that URL it shows my home page instead of the search results. It works fine with QTranslage Slug plugin disabled.

Would be great to find a fix for this issue.

EDIT: actually it doesn't show my home page but the page 2 of my blog. Looks like the pagination is working but is ignoring the ?s= parameter and showing the blog instead of the search results.


not-only-code commented Jul 16, 2012

Looks like some bug on parse query, i'll check this for next release.
Thanks for report!

I worked around this bug by replacing line 775 in qtranslate-slug.php, which looks like:
if (isset($wp->matched_query))
if ( isset( $wp->matched_query ) && ! isset( $query['s'] ) )

What I found was, that $wp->matched_query was &paged=2 when it should have been s=s&paged=2. I'm not sure what is the reason for that, but this should do as a workaround for now :)


not-only-code commented Mar 22, 2013

Something in query_vars function is wrong that's because i've used this kind of hacks at beginning of filter_request function. May have to do with generate_rewrite_rules are builded or maybe it is produced by this issue #31.
I must to check this.

Thanks for report.


not-only-code commented Mar 23, 2013

This has been is solved with #31. Anyway i just opened another issue to rewrite the hacks at beginnig of filter_request funciton (#36)

The fix #31 didn't solve the problem. But it stated working for me after adding

 && ! isset( $query['s'] )

(as nikolov-tmw recomended)

@not-only-code not-only-code modified the milestone: 1.1.8, 1.1.5 May 27, 2014


not-only-code commented May 27, 2014

This patch 4d6864f should solve this, so i close this issue. Anyway is pending rewrite form scratch filter_request function as #36 says.

not-only-code reopened this May 27, 2014

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